Is your company proud of its record on diversity? Would you like to extend the range of benefits you offer your employee networks which focus on supporting working families? Or, are you just starting to explore your offering in this area? Whatever your needs, there are several ways in which I can help and advise your employees about their educational options. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about any of the options below or if you would like a more bespoke programme of events put together.


1. Breakfast / Lunchtime seminar

Provides a brief overview of how the educational system in the UK works – covering both the state and independent sectors. Choose from a focus on either Primary or Secondary schooling. The talk lasts approximately 45 minutes with a short 15 minute Q&A at the end. This seminar is designed to fit into a lunchtime or early morning session.

“Would definitely love to have Ruth back again.” UBS Employee

“Despite the time constraints of discussing such a broad topic in a short time period, Ruth was particularly efficient at answering questions and conveying important advice.” UBS

2. One-to-one clinics

For companies that feel they can offer more individual support to employees, I can run a day of one-to-one clinics in your offices or via Skype. Up to 12 employees can be accommodated in one day – each having a 25 minute clinic to discuss topics of their choice which will have been determined by a short questionnaire completed by them in advance.

 “The clinic was great.  Ruth provided all the information / advice that I was looking for and we had a good conversation.  It was very useful and gave me some good pointers and some things to think about.  Ten out of ten!” UBS employee

“Thanks very much for your time yesterday Ruth, the session was really helpful.” DB employee

3. Blogs / articles

If you have an employee newsletter or intranet, I can supply guest blog posts or articles. Price available on request.


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